December 8, 2023

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Charlotte Flair’s Crucial WarGames Declaration for Survivor Series

Charlotte Flair’s Important Message Ahead WWE Survivor Series
Charlotte Flair has been involved in a feud with Damage CTRL since IYO SKY successfully cashed in her Money in the Bank briefcase to become the new WWE Women’s Champion. Flair, along with Bianca Belair and Shotzi, is on a mission to win back the title, resulting in IYO challenging them to find a fourth partner and fight in a WarGames match against her team. Joining Flair’s team is their old rival Becky Lynch, who showed up on SmackDown to indicate that she was the fourth member. Flair tweeted that she is getting ready for WarGames. Becky Lynch, who has a history with Damage CTRL, also joined the team and broke her silence on social media. It will be interesting to see if Flair and Lynch can coexist at WWE Survivor Series.