December 1, 2023

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Meet Jackie Woodcroft: The Woman Behind Oilers HC Jay Woodcroft

The head coach of the Edmonton Oilers, Jay Woodcroft, is known for his dedication to ice hockey. However, he leads a private life with his wife, Jackie, who also has a passion for sports. Jackie, from Edmonton, played softball and met Jay at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

The couple, married in 2007, has twin daughters, Emma and Bryn, who are now ten years old and are showing interest in soccer. Despite Jay’s high-profile career, the family keeps a low profile, with Jackie managing household matters while Jay focuses on coaching.

Jay Woodcroft is a former ice hockey player who transitioned into coaching. Starting as a video coach for the Detroit Red Wings, he eventually became the head coach of the Edmonton Oilers in 2022. His coaching style emphasizes player development and strategic tactics, which have led to numerous victories and championships.

The couple prefers privacy and keeps their family life away from the spotlight. Despite Jay’s successful coaching career, Jackie manages the household while also supporting their daughters’ athletic endeavors.