July 21, 2024

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The Triple Threat promo is live in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, presenting Ledley King as the inaugural Hero SBC. The English center-back represents Spurs as part of the promo and joins James Maddison and Ashleigh Neville. Introduced as a new concept in EA FC 24, the promo lineup features three players representing various clubs worldwide.

With Ledley King as a legend in the Premier League for Spurs, he is the Hero alongside two active players from the club. Heroes have been a valuable addition to Ultimate Team since their debut in FIFA 22, featuring legends who were popular and reputable in their leagues. The latest Triple Threat promo in EA FC 24 is the first instance of Heroes receiving boosted versions, with Ledley King receiving a special SBC item.

To unlock Triple Threat Hero Ledley King in EA FC 24, players must fulfill the requirements of four individual squads, each with its own stipulations and pack rewards. The overall expected cost of the SBC is around 390,000 coins, reflecting the caliber of the card on offer.

Furthermore, unlocking Triple Threat Hero Ledley King serves a dual purpose as gamers can complete the Daily Play objective in EA FC 24. By playing three matches in any Ultimate Team game mode with Triple Threat Hero Ledley King in the starting eleven, players can earn 80+x 2 player packs and 81+ x 2 player packs. This objective refreshes daily, allowing gamers to unlock numerous packs over the course of the week.