July 21, 2024

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Possible Departure Hint Dropped by Former WWE Star from Tony Khan’s Promotion

A certain WWE star may be departing from one of the Tony Khan-led promotions. This followed some recent hints that some have spotted coming from her social media accounts. This would be Athena possibly leaving Ring of Honor. The War Goddess currently holds the ROH Women’s World Championship, making her the longest-reigning champion at almost a year. Her next title match will be at Final Battle next week against her former “minion,” Billie Starkz, following a recent turn. On Twitter, fans noticed Athena liking a tweet indicating that Final Battle would be her last appearance at Ring of Honor. By that point, she would reach the milestone of holding the title for more than a year, potentially making it a good time for her to drop the title, and to her former mentee. On last week’s episode of Ring of Honor, former WWE Superstar Athena called out current ROH World Champion Eddie Kingston regarding his comments about the other world champions in the promotion. She warned him about his words and expressed her frustration, stating she would go as far as hitting him with a back fist if she ever feels disrespected again. If she does indeed drop the title at Final Battle and becomes more active in AEW, she will have the chance to go after other major titles and put on great matches with other members of the roster.