February 25, 2024

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Potential Trade: Sacramento Kings Acquiring Zach Lavine for Harrison Barnes, Kevin Huerter, and More

The Chicago Bulls are open to trading Zach LaVine, and the Sacramento Kings are potential trade suitors for the 28-year-old guard. The Kings offer an interesting opportunity for LaVine due to their reputation for a dynamic offense and strong guard play, while LaVine has been averaging 21.3 points, 3.3 assists, and 5.1 assists in 35.5 minutes per game this season. Trade proposals have suggested trading Harrison Barnes and Kevin Huerter to acquire LaVine, but the Kings can include three first-round picks and pick swaps if necessary. However, the Kings currently face a roadblock with Barnes’ recent contract extension, making him ineligible for trade until December 29, 2023. As for the Bulls, they would likely seek additional assets in return, considering they originally traded Jimmy Butler to acquire LaVine. There is also a trade proposal that sees both Zach LaVine and Pascal Siakam coming to the Kings in a three-team trade, offering them valuable frontcourt depth and championship-level leadership. The Kings recently ended a 16-year playoff drought, adding intrigue to the question of which direction they will take next to sustain their recent success.