February 29, 2024

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Unlock the Golden Trident: A Guide to Roblox Aquaman Simulator

In conjunction with the release of “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom,” Roblox Aquaman Simulator – The Lost Kingdom rolled out new limited edition UGCs, one of which is the Golden Trident, a back accessory exclusively available to players who reach the final map level. Only 40,000 copies of the Trident have been distributed, urging players to expedite their efforts to obtain this coveted item.

Following the unlocking of the last map, Necrus, players need to navigate through various challenges to claim the Golden Trident. Black Manta, the final boss with a formidable 750,000 HP, must be defeated to unlock the Trident. It is essential to have the best Tridents equipped to inflict maximum damage, ensuring a timely defeat of Black Manta. Subsequently, claiming the Golden Trident involves teleporting to the spawn point map and interacting with the Trident display to add it to the inventory.

Before reaching Necrus, players must unlock the first three maps, namely, Sunken Citadel and Atlantean Caves. The game mechanics involve click-based simulation, where players eliminate hostile NPCs to earn in-game currency, subsequently utilizing it to unlock maps and purchase powerful Tridents for combat.

Navigating through the zones and acquiring the Golden Trident may pose a challenge, particularly for newcomers. Nevertheless, enthusiasts and collectors, especially fans of Aquaman, are drawn to Roblox Aquaman Simulator – The Lost Kingdom to secure the exclusive UGC. For those venturing into the game, it is crucial to begin the journey promptly to reach the ultimate reward.

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