July 21, 2024

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He’s a True Hall of Famer

A former WWE champion recently praised Randy Orton for his work over the years. Matt Hardy, the name in question, hailed The Viper’s return to WWE at Survivor Series: WarGames 2023. Despite having been absent from the company since May 2022 due to a back injury, Orton made a much-anticipated comeback and aligned himself with Cody Rhodes’ team to defeat The Judgment Day and Drew McIntyre in the Men’s WarGames Match.

On the recent edition of Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the former WWE Tag Team Champion talked about Orton’s legacy, his feud with Hardy, his WWE return, and more. Hardy described Orton as a future Hall of Famer and emphasized that he will be remembered as one of the all-time greats in the wrestling industry. According to Hardy, Orton has been very consistent throughout his career and has evoked strong emotions from the audience, making people care about him. He also highlighted Orton’s ability to tell great stories and evoke strong emotions during his matches, even if they may not always be rated as five-star.

Following his return at WWE Survivor Series, Randy Orton received an invitation to SmackDown from General Manager Nick Aldis. As the show was about to end, Aldis and Adam Pearce approached Orton to sign with their respective brands. Orton chose the blue brand, seeking retribution against The Bloodline. However, his actions had consequences as he delivered an ‘RKO out of nowhere’ to Aldis, who had been an impressive authority figure to this point.

Fans can look forward to seeing if Orton’s actions will lead to any repercussions on SmackDown later.