July 21, 2024

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Uncovering Big Ten Sign-Stealing Scandal: Michigan Wolverines and Purdue Boilermakers Under Scrutiny

The Big Ten is in a sign-stealing scandal with the Michigan Wolverines at the center. Michigan revealed that they may not have been the only team stealing signs in the conference. According to Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports, the Purdue Boilermakers may have had the Wolverines signals in last year’s Big Ten Championship Game. “Last Friday, however, Michigan presented evidence that someone on the Rutgers football staff provided their defensive signals to Purdue in advance of the Boilermaker-Wolverine 2022 Big Ten title game,” Wetzel wrote. He also mentioned that “someone at Ohio State handed over U of M’s offensive signals. So in the Big Ten Championship Game, both teams had the other’s signals, both of which were gathered via advanced scouting.” While neither claim has been fully substantiated, there’s reportedly more evidence against the Michigan Wolverines. Coaches believe that the Boilermakers receiving signs is common in college football, but Wolverines staffer Connor Stalions running an elaborate operation is not common. It’s unclear if Purdue faces investigation or what punishment Jim Harbaugh and Michigan could face. The College Football Playoff selection committee ranked the Michigan Wolverines third in the nation but will not punish them as it’s not their job, and the NCAA’s investigation is unlikely to be concluded before the postseason. According to Stewart Mandel of The Athletic, any in-season punishment would have to come from Big Ten commissioner Tony Petitti, who could take disciplinary action if the league’s sportsmanship policy is violated. A ruling on the matter could come later this week, and it’s unclear if coach Jim Harbaugh faces a suspension or if the Michigan Wolverines receive disciplinary action preventing them from reaching the Big Ten Championship Game or the College Football Playoff.